Indigo Lyrics

c 2009 Rosemary Loar

Take me to mosquito cove
You spoke so much about
Phosphorescent riddles
Stars flung all about
Take me to that place
Inside your deep sweet smile
Open up your blue eyes
Where I will swim awhile

I will jump
Into the sparkle
Let my naked show.
Indigo and iridescent
Bubble just below
(I will) jump
Into the sparkle
Diamonds on my skin
Indigo and iridescent
Fading out and in.

Take me to the hiddengates
Beyond the trees
Angel fish and dolphins
Dreaming in the sea
Take me to the ecstasy
Beyond the sands
Wrap me in the mystery
Of your gentle hands


Take me down below the waves.
Sea goddess remind me.
Kiss me with you salty lips
'Till troubles are behind me.